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The Community project is aimed at a disadvantaged community of Russian speakers who arrived from countries of the former Soviet Union and now live in Westminster and Greater London. These people experience problems of integrating in their new English environment. Most of them have don't have fluency in English language, feel isolated and don't have support in sharing their family problems.

Community Day is a monthly focus event for Russian Community gatherings which includes:

Russian Community Association

The Russian Community Association is a Registered Charity. The Association's purpose is to provide services and support to the Russian-speaking refugees and immigrant community in London and Greater London. Members of this community have come from ex-Soviet Union republics such as Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan following the break up of the Soviet Union and these countries becoming independent entities. Russian Community Association is an umbrella organization for small ethnic groups in London and UK.

Russian speakers are an invisible minority. As they are white they are not easily identifiable as needing support in the same way as other ethnic minorities. This doesn't mean that they don't face the same problems or discrimination.