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Films and slides show as multicultural integration.

Through running our regular Community Programmes we provide films which educate people on how to live in Britain and provide power-point training courses on positive thinking and assertiveness. It also gives us an opportunity to show Russian films to keep in touch with Russian heritage and tradition for refugee families, teenagers and young children.

International food sharing

As part of our Community gathering we offer to our members Cultural Events and Celebrations which promote international culture - such as Russkie Prazdniki for instance Russian Christmas, International Women's Day (8th March), May Day and Summer festivals.

Russian Community Association

The Russian Community Association is a Registered Charity. The Association's purpose is to provide services and support to the Russian-speaking refugees and immigrant community in London and Greater London. Members of this community have come from ex-Soviet Union republics such as Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan following the break up of the Soviet Union and these countries becoming independent entities. Russian Community Association is an umbrella organization for small ethnic groups in London and UK.

Russian speakers are an invisible minority. As they are white they are not easily identifiable as needing support in the same way as other ethnic minorities. This doesn't mean that they don't face the same problems or discrimination.