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Training and courses for Self-Esteem and assertiveness
Supported by LiNC in conjunction with European Union,
Community Renewal and Engagement Awards,Westminster

Our training projects are designed as series of courses to provide self-esteem training for the support of members of the Russian speaking community, especially families of Russian speaking refugees, and for our clients who would like to make a step to change their jobs from minor serving to match their professional level. We have a number of clients who are unable to improve their positions because of low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Knowing that our clients have difficulties to adjust to what is to them a foreign environment, our project will help them to increase there self-confidence, which is in a long-term will help them to find better jobs and to cope with different life situations in this country.

They will be equipped to deal with problems and they will feel good about themselves. Whether they are looking for a job, job promotion or just coping with the difficult family situation, the training will help to have the balance back in their lives.

Family Support Programme
supported by Community Renewal
and Engagement Awards, Westminster

This programme is enable to help to unify families with sensitive issues and integrate old and young members of our community. It aimed at people experiencing problems of integrating in their new English environment. Most of them have don't have fluency in the English language, feel isolated and don't have support in sharing their family issues.

We are looking for support for our 'New Land - British Land' project which will provide of integration, access and education through trips and excursions during summer. This programme is for all ages involving the hire of a cottage or a camping site for 2 weeks for activities such as sport and tourism, yoga exercises, bus trips to well known historical places and for younger children games and activities to learn and improve their forgotten native Russian language.

Russian Community Association

The Russian Community Association is a Registered Charity. The Association's purpose is to provide services and support to the Russian-speaking refugees and immigrant community in London and Greater London. Members of this community have come from ex-Soviet Union republics such as Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan following the break up of the Soviet Union and these countries becoming independent entities. Russian Community Association is an umbrella organization for small ethnic groups in London and UK.

Russian speakers are an invisible minority. As they are white they are not easily identifiable as needing support in the same way as other ethnic minorities. This doesn't mean that they don't face the same problems or discrimination.